Jamaica: Pirate Sin City


In the late seventeenth century it was known as “the wickedest city on earth.” A haven for adventurers, sailors and pirates, including the infamous Captain Morgan – Port Royal, Jamaica was the second largest port in the New World.

But on June 7, 1692, an earthquake and tidal wave shook the city of 8,000 residents, and the delicate spit of land on which it was built sank beneath the Caribbean.But the natural disaster that spelled an end to Port Royal was a godsend for modern archaeologists. This film explores the history and fate of the notorious port, then slips beneath the waves for a look at the remains of the city. Hear from world-famous marine archaeologist Bob Marx, who has been diving on the sunken city since 1965.

Donnie Hamilton, who conducted key expeditions in the mid-1980s, explains how recovered artefacts are used to help reconstruct what life was like in Port Royal during its heyday. And get an up-close look at the ongoing search to find the remains of the Ranger, Black Bart’s ship.

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