John Belushi: His Final 24 Hours

Michelle M├ętivier

Final 24 investigates the root of Belushi’s drug addiction and uncovers the events that led to his final reckless act. Belushi had been battling his drug addiction for seven years. Throughout the night, he ingests the massive amount of drugs that finally gets the better of him.

In early March 1982, John Belushi died from binging on cocaine and heroin. His final twenty-four hours were fuelled by his desire for drugs. Years before he died, he knew he had a problem with cocaine, he hired bodyguard Smokey Wendell to help him stay off drugs, and he managed to get clean. It didn’t last.

The documentary utilizes interviews with friends and family of the comedian (Dan Aykroyd, his widow Judith Belushi Pisano, his manager, the late Bernie Brillstein, among others), along with clips from his SNL days and re-creations of the events of March 4th and 5th, 1982.

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