John & Yoko’s Year of Peace


The year is 1969 and headlines blare war and civil unrest while John Lennon and Yoko Ono are in love. The eccentric rock ‘n’ roll couple has just gotten married, and more than happy to be together, they want to change the world.

Together they lay in a hotel bed surrounded by journalists, they announce their mission for peace and invite the rest of the world to symbolically climb into bed with them and share their dream.

People around the world call them silly, naive, even ridiculous, yet one famous couple’s bed-in spread new hope that there really could be an end to war, hate and violence.

This film presents rare footage from that amazing time, including footage from John and Yoko’s wedding, the infamous bedside confrontation between John and conservative cartoonist Al Capp, Lennon debating media expert Marshall McLuhan, and meeting Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Now over twenty years after Lennon’s murder, Yoko and others involved in the peace mission reflect on the events of that magical, mystical year.

Amazing that a nearly hour-long film about a Beatle that contains almost no music could still be worthwhile, but that’s the case with John & Yoko’s Year of Peace.

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