Kill Him Silently


Kill Him Silently unveils the story behind Mossad’s bungled bid to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal. In September, 2007, the Israeli secret service tried to kill Khaled Meshaal, the Palestinian political leader of the Hamas movement.

The film details how a six-member team arrived in the Jordanian capital, Amman, a week before the date set for the assassination of the head of the Hamas political bureau who was living in exile.

The six Israeli agents had entered through Jordan’s Queen Alia International airport from Amsterdam, Toronto and Paris using false Canadian passports.

The move by Israel to assassinate Meshaal came in the wake of a series of suicide bombings Hamas carried out in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The attacks had left over 20 Israelis dead and hundreds injured.

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  1. The incessant ridiculous ‘over-dramatic’ music used throughout this film, ruins a really good documentary. This is a news platform documentary made by Aljazeera – Not the “Bourne Identity” feature film…Aljazeera needs to stop trying to be like American news channels such as Fox News in their presentation.

  2. Israel should never exist
    and its existence is only numbered
    along side with all of those arab leaders the betrayers
    and Islam will come back victorious to action Justice
    and inshaAllah Iran will be the leader in the middle east for all the
    Arab people.

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