Last Lioness


A lonely roar echoes across Zambia’s Liuwa Plain. There is no answer, and there hasn’t been for many years. Poaching has wiped out her kind, for over five years she has had to survive alone. But this year, her world could change, will she finally find a mate, or will she remain the last lioness?

There is a place in south-western Zambia that is so remote, that until recently only the most intrepid explorers ever reached it. It is called Liuwa Plain. A sprawling flood plain that stretches over 3,500 square kilometres. In the heart of this isolated wilderness, lives one lonely lioness, she is known as Lady Liuwa, and she’s in her prime.

All of her instincts drive her to find a mate, have cubs, and form a pride of her own. But she can’t. She is all alone here, there isn’t another lion for hundreds of kilometres. It was us humans that sealed her fate, very few outsiders make it to this remote plain, and some of those that had, changed it, forever. It’s a wounded land and in the late 90s, poaching tore through its wildlife populations. As the Angolan war raged, soldiers slaughtered Liuwa’s wildlife for food. Animals once plentiful on the plain, disappeared.

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