Leaving Amish Paradise


This docoumentary follows the lives of two Amish families who leave the only life they’ve ever known, and try to come to grips with the modern world.

The Amish travel by horse and buggy, and dress exactly as their forebears did when they first arrived in America almost 300 years ago. They have countless rules which keep them separate from the modern world, with electric lights, mobile phones, television and radio all forbidden. For those born into this culture, leaving is the biggest decision they’ll ever make. This film follows the continuing stories of two families, first featured on Trouble in Amish Paradise, who leave their community and try to make their way in the wider world.

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  1. Is there any way to get in contact with these families. I want to support the wives. All that happened to them happened to us and more. But We are Afro American. We left our home church, then were rejected. We loss our home. I had a miscarriage. We had 6 children. Little money. No support form friends or relatives. Learning how to trust the Lord with my husband being the bread winner. I had no education to help with the finances. Oh if someone would have come and just prayed with me. It was so lonely and painful. but God did help me in so many ways. I hope these ladies would accept my offer to be a friend and sister in the Lord.

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