Let’s Make Money

Erwin Wagenhofer

Documentary looking at the global financial system from some different angles, highlighting each problem of neoliberalism, which is capitalism with almost no institutional constraint.

This neoliberalism took its current form under the regimes of President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the early 1980s.

The key to this was deregulation of the banking industry, attracting money from off-shore, giving investors in particularly the UK access to cheap capital, and which was supported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

These international financial institutions created a four-part project known as “The Washington Consensus,” which included deregulating financial markets, liberalizing trade flows, breaking the hold of state’s power, and then privatizing state resources through sales to private investors.

Each intending to benefit the elites in various countries around the world at the expense of ordinary people.

The film features interviews with investors, government officials, and individuals who can provide insight into the slums and impoverished towns of the various countries.

Let’s Make Money demonstrates the efforts of investors to make money, and with no consideration of ethics, much less the impact on human lives.

The effects of this system are highlighted throughout the film, such as the diversion of 97% of gold profits to the Western countries and only 3% to Africa, despite the color coming from Ghana, and the gross impoverishment of the people.

Wagenhofer also takes a look at the impact of cotton on Burkina Faso, a country in Central Africa. Despite producing some of the world’s best cotton, and cleaned by hand, Burkina Faso cannot compete in the global market, specifically due to the cotton subsidies to cotton farmers by the US Government.

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  1. What a great documentary on how the morons(used loosely they are pretty dam smart due to the fact no body went to jail) on Wall Street screwed the US economy and basically the worlds at the same time. Yet all well allowing them to get insanely rich. Thanks BUSH and OBAMA great leaders you are. Also the Dean from Columbia U. you are a slimy scumbag. A must watch tho for anyone that really wants too see how we (middle class and pour) really took the hit well the WS deuches continued to get wealth beyond imagination.

  2. fantastic….very informative…Everything that is discussed has happened and can be backed up with evidence…..we need to stop the 1% and the res of us must work together to redistribute the wealth these the elitists global parasites have stolen from our labor and our natural resources around the world…..this must be a global workers fight.

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