Lightning: Nature Strikes Back


A look at the cause, effect and current understanding of one of nature’s greatest enigmas – lightning, which is almost as old as the planet itself and will probably outlast life on Earth.

Nature Strikes Back celebrates this maverick of nature’s power and beauty, whilst exploring how man is still battling to understand it. It looks at all aspects, from its generation within storm clouds to its impact, both good and bad, on humankind.

It features first-hand accounts from survivors of lightning strikes; shows how medical research is looking into its possible effect on the human body’s own electrical circuit; looks at its role as a life giver, fixing nitrogen and possibly even providing the spark of life itself; reveals the application of state-of-the-art lightning detection techniques; and shows the impact that human activity itself may have on the formation of lightning.

From triggered lightning studies in Florida and the defenses at Kennedy Space Center to filming sprites in Colorado, the film discovers whether science is any closer to unlocking some of lightning’s mysteries.

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