Lipstick & Liquor

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Lori Butterfield

Lipstick & Liquor takes a look at the increasing number of women living in suburbs who are becoming alcohol dependent.

Drinking large quantities of alcohol is the third leading cause of premature death among women aged 35 to 55 years old. Excessive alcohol abuse is a contributing factor in one-third of suicides, one-fourth of accidental deaths and one-half of traffic deaths.

The number of women being arrested for DUI has risen by 30% in the past 10 years, while for men the statistics have gone down. Binge drinking among females is also on the up. Yet, if you were to approach a woman’s friends or family and ask if they have a drinking problem, the answer will probably be no.

Women are more likely to drink on their own and hide their supply of alcohol. The alcohol abuse is unlikely to be diagnosed by a doctor and are at a higher risk of being at advanced stages before their problem is discovered.

Lipstick & Liquor follows the story of four extraordinary women who have fought their own battle with alcohol abuse. They share their story that will resonate with views and possibly help others realize they could to have a problem.

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