Live Long Die Young

Scientists uncover the genetic secrets that will wind back the ageing process.


In the Western world, the life expectancy for most of us is around 80 years of age. But in every corner of the planet, there are people who live extraordinarily longer than the average person.

A Great Dane can live about nine years before ageing takes its life. A sausage dog, although the same species, can live twice as long. The secret to its longer lifespan is in its DNA.

Is it even possible to slow down or even reverse the ageing process? In science labs around the world, it’s not unusual for scientists to extend the life of a mouse by up to 50 percent. But can the same be done for humans?

Scientists are discovering that unlocking the genetic secrets of animals and humans who live longer than most is the key to helping the rest of us wind back our cellular clocks naturally, live longer lives and can even improve fertility.

In Live Long Die Young, Anja Taylor went on a 5-day fast that experiments are showing promising results for in the fight against the four major diseases of getting old.

Consisting of a diet of around 800 calories a day, Anja was allowed to consume unlimited water and herbal teas (hibiscus tea), a breakfast nut bar, vegetable soup for lunch and dinner, and 7 olives once a day when she felt peckish. In lab results, mice who fasted with hibiscus tea extended had an extended lifespan by an average of 11%, while also improving overall health. Scientists noted reductions in inflammation, dermatitis and a massive diminution in tumours.

And for people wanting to lose weight, after just two days of fasting the body works rapidly switching from glucose to burning fat. The great news is that instead of the body burning subcutaneous fat, it will primarily burn abdominal visceral fat.

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