Locked Up Abroad: Backstabbed in Thailand

Bart Layton

When military veteran Kimberly Hood is faced with an upcoming manslaughter trial, she decides she needs a break from life. Her girlfriend’s cousin, Lisa Taylor invites her to Thailand on a business trip to acquire nail products for her newly created business, she jumps at the opportunity.

Kimberly’s suspicions are soon aroused during the journey when Lisa starts to become highly strung during telephone dealings with her nail product supplier. Just hours before they’re due to fly home, the real nature of Lisa’s business trip is exposed when the products delivered are not nail supplied but heroin.

Kim decides she has no choice but to smuggle the drugs to make it home in time for her manslaughter trial. Stopped by customs, the pair is busted with 14 kilos of drugs stashed in their bags. Sentenced to life in a Thai prison, they both wonder if they will ever see home again.

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