Locked Up Abroad: Busted in Bali

Bart Layton

Australian Chris Parnell had no idea his world was about to be turned upside down when he was arrested for smuggling 12kgs of hashish. Claiming he had been set-up due to a corrupt police force, he was charged and sentenced to life in prison.

After 11 years behind bars in a jail where knife fights were a daily event, and killing was a way of life, Parnell had only one thought, escape.

In this film, Chris tells his side of the story of how he ended up being banged up abroad in Bali, before finally being released in 1996.

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  1. Half of this story is total fiction, what is the point in it? This is even worse than the Sandra Gregory one. He is guilty, sounds guilty, and then tells one story of total nonsense after another. People like him destroy lives, and have since made money off their embelishments of the truth. Absolute scum who deserves nothing in life but pain!

      1. NO! AnneMB! There is something surely wrong with ‘YOU’! How you can be so naive to believe that this guy is telling the truth, is preposterous! U must be related to this conman!

  2. If he was guilty he would have paid the money. He had principles though.
    We will never know if he knew what Doogie was upto all along though. I suspect he did.

  3. Wow! What one person can actually stand is unbelievable. How incredibly sad for this man. I hope he finds peace.

  4. I find it really hard to believe this story. Sounds way too Hollywood. First heard it on a podcast and stopped paying attention halfway through. There is a reason you haven’t heard this story before, because people who have power to spread it don’t know it’s false. There isn’t even a single news article on this. He also wrote a ludacris number of books, clearly trying to profit.

  5. Agreed with first comment…….just does not ring true. This doggie fellow presumably brought in what looks like a sizable amount of dope….jailable anywhere for this quantity….mix up of fingerprints leads the real culprit Doggie to disappear ……then he swans back into the country try when police now know the prints were his in first place……..ths innocent man meanwhile will not take the opportunity ity to get out of this dangerous mess by giving the cops a bribe…….If this was a genuine way out of it no matter what the principles involved….I would have paid……..Christ, he must have known what prisons are like in far Eastern countries …..and then wifey writes him off….errrrm?
    Funny alround this one ..

  6. Yeah yall know what rings true and what doesn’t cuz you’ve spent so much time in prison, right. Prison in Indonesia especially, cuz there aren’t knife fights and escape attempts and misery in prison its all very clean and orderly and yall know all about it? If it matters enough to you to be right enough to wish eternal pain upon a man you don’t even know you should put yourself in one of those prisons just to prove your point. But of course you wont do that cuz it aint important enough you can just be right with a keyboard. I am so thankful the opinions of people like you judgmental prick know-it-alls don’t matter cuz you have no power and will make no difference whatsoever. Pheew!

  7. I was therein 1996, i met HIM when i was 16 years old my brother was also in prison there and yes my brother was guilty, but Chris, russell as we call HIM wasnt guilty, the indonesion system as is full of corruption take HIM and break HIM, i was there and seen iT with my OWN eyes, russell, Chris, prem, hoessein and Levy still after 23 years i Will never forget you poor souls, the dutch girl kelly

  8. Yes it is things happen uk jails them places and govs more corrupt .

    I’ve had so19 wrongfully arrest and escaped here n seen lots corrupt authorities . Them places your fkd especially drugs he was with his wife n kid ffs if he was london accent bald with tattoos youd believe it so seen stereo types and prisoners scared or think just cause look hard isnt a grass or act you werent there so dont worry about it

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