Losing Nemo

Douwe Van Der Werf

Most people are aware that the oceans aren’t doing so well, but what is going on exactly? Losing Nemo is a short, 3D-animated film about the state of the oceans. The film is the result of months of work by a group of 32 creatives from around the world.

“90% of all large fish have disappeared since 1950s.”
The amount of large predatory fish in the world’s ocean is today only about 10% of what the population levels were before large-scale industrial fishing techniques were introduced in the 1950s.

“40% of sea life caught is discarded as waste.”
It is estimated that 38.5 million tons of sea life that are caught annually, also known as ‘bycatch,’ is discarded as waste, representing approximately 40 percent of the estimated global annual catch.

“The oceans will be empty by 2048.”
Loss of ocean biodiversity is accelerating, with 29 percent of seafood species humans consume already crashed. If overfishing continues, in 35 years there will be little, or no seafood available as fish populations and eco-systems are under increased threat.

After watching Losing Nemo, you might think “it can’t be all that bad.” Filmmakers invite you to check the facts yourself↗.

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