The Lost Caves of Giza


One of the greatest stories in Egyptology in recent years unfolded in 2008 when a previously unknown cave complex was discovered beneath the very shadow of the Great Pyramid on Giza’s famous plateau.

The Lost Caves of Giza is a compelling documentary, which features interviews with key figures behind the caves’ discovery, including Andrew Collins, Nigel Skinner-Simpson and Rodney Hale, as well as reconstructions of events, unseen footage of the caves, and a complete account of how the complex was found, and what exactly this might mean to the evolution of the Giza pyramid field.

This amazing story begins with Andrew following up astronomical alignments at Giza featuring the stars of Cygnus, the celestial bird, a.k.a. the Northern Cross. Aligning them to the three Pyramids highlights the possible position to a cave entrance equated with the ancient Egyptian tradition as the Duat or underworld.

This led Andrew and his team to a previously unrecognised tomb in Giza’s northern cliff, quickly dubbed the Tomb of the Birds, due to its apparent use as a bird necropolis in honour of a local bird deity.

They find no entrance to hidden realms here, although simple survey lines projected on to the plateau by technical engineer Rodney Hale hint that this site has a much greater significance.

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