Making Dogs Happy

A new study suggests that hugging your dog will make their life happier.


Every one of us believes that our dog loves us and we are their best friend, but how good a friend are you to your dog? We all have this assumption that our dog is happy with us. But how can we be so sure?

A recent study of dogs being hugged revealed that most of us are not very good at telling if our best friend is happy.

In this documentary, filmmakers wanted to find out if we could use science to make man’s favorite pet happier. Recruiting three everyday dog owners and a team of trained experts, Making Dogs Happy follows the challenged two program that is designed to make life happier for you and your dog.

Using the information in this video, you can use the latest science to supercharge your communication skills with your dog and develop the skills to make your relationship a happier one. It’s all part of a new science, called dogmanship.

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