The Man Who Eats Roadkill


Arthur Boyt, 73, is a resident of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall and is well known for his acquired taste in roadkill cuisine. And when it comes to eating the dead animals he has found on the side of the road, nothing is too far fetched to end up on his dinner plate.

In the film, The Man Who Eats Roadkill, Vice takes us on a trip into Arthur’s world to learn how to cook a tasty badger casserole, as well as to learn the skill of preparing polecat meat before cooking.

“I ate a badger once that someone else had picked up because they wanted its skull. It was blown up like a horse on the western front and it smelt rather horrible. When I cut into it the flesh was green but nevertheless I persevered and stewed it. It made the house smell like the old fashioned mental hospitals used too, but boy it tasted delicious!”

Each to their own.

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