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Upon its release over 20 years ago, John Gray’s book Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus quickly became The New York Times best selling book on love and relationships. The book argued that men and women have identifiable, hardwired differences that explain why it’s sometimes so difficult for the sexes to communicate.

Mars and Venus Today takes a look back at this best seller and explores the development of Gray’s career and talks with his critics to gain a better grasp on the validity of his concepts. With the rising importance of neuroscience, Gray’s genderized view of male/female dynamics have come under particular fire, with some of his opponents arguing that on a biological level, the Mars/Venus dichotomy is too reductive.

In 1992, Gray’s best-seller evidently struck a cord with a wide audience that’s open to his distilled concepts of what makes for a successful long-term romance, and in this documentary, we get a balanced look at why it’s so popular and why it might be dangerous to overgeneralize how (and why) we love.

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