Medical Cannabis & Its Impact on Human Health


It’s truly amazing the number of medical conditions that respond favourably to cannabis. It is an unexcelled wonder plant that herbel medicine has no comparison. It would appear that cannabis and hemp are one of the first plants that that have been grown in agriculture, we came out of being hunters and gathers about 10,000 years ago, and that is about the length of time that cannabis has been cultivated. The plant has long been known as a medicinal plant, as a medicinal product. The latest studies and findings in a tomb in China, which was carbon dated as almost 5,000 years-old, revealed the contents of a medicine bag from a medicine man that contained cannabis.

The conventional wisdom, which goes to the oral history of China, is that one emperor wrote the first Chinese medical text that contained cannabis, first written in 2627 BC, and the oldest known copy of that goes back somewhere between 100 BC and 100 AD. The actual oldest written use of the plant in the ratings goes back somewhere between 1100 BC and 1700 BC in India.

In this information packed documentary, leading physicians and researchers present the most comprehensive synopsis to date of the real science surrounding the world’s most controversial plant.

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