The Men Who Crashed the World


The Men Who Crashed the World takes us behind the headlines and into the backrooms at the highest levels of world governments and banking institutions, revealing how the backstabbing and tension is bringing the world to another great depression.

The documentary takes us to California where we will hear the stories of foreclosed homeowners, meet the disillusioned auto workers at the end of the line in Ontario and the pissed-off workers in France who went as far as kidnapping their bosses.

Since the financial meltdown began, trillions of dollars have been spent rescuing banks and jump-starting economies, yet recovery remains fragile.

Millions of people around the globe who have lost homes and their jobs want answers: How did it all go so wrong? Who is to blame?

You cannot blame them for being angry because to date; only a few small-time players have been held accountable. Not one major banking, regulatory or government official has ever been found guilty of any wrongdoing.

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