It Might Get Loud

Davis Guggenheim

Rock guitarists spanning three generations talk about the electric guitar and the sounds of music that influenced their careers.

The documentary follows Jimmy Page founder of the band Led Zeppelin, David Evans from U2 and Jack White of the White Stripes for a better part of 12 months to give fans an insight into their private lives, past and present.

Jimmy Page’s history with a guitar goes back to childhood when he was a member of a skiffle band. Wanting to do more than just play pop music, Page gave up the guitar to enroll in art school. Reviving his musical career as a session guitarist, he soon loses enthusiasm after realizing he is only playing others music and limiting his creativity.

David Evans aka the Edge, who created one most distinctive sounds of the last 30 years opens up about building a guitar with his brother Dik and learning how to play. Evans recalls how U2 was formed and demonstrates his playing style, including how he removes individual strings from chords.

Jack White discusses his musical background from childhood in a rundown neighborhood of Detroit. Removing his bed and sleeping on a piece of foam so he could two drum sets and a guitar in his bedroom, White reveals how he struggled to find a musical identity, as it wasn’t cool to play an instrument.

Dubbed The Summit, the three guitarists gives us more than just their thoughts on their musical influences and techniques; they also play each other’s songs showing each other how it’s done.


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