Monster of The Milky Way

Nat Geo

The satellite telescope Swift is patrolling earth on the look out for cosmic disasters, and when it finds one, down on earth word spreads quickly. Every few days the satellite finds a violent eruption in deep space, sending dozens of stargazers scrambling. Whether they’re seasoned pros or high school amateurs, their goal is the same, to catch a glimpse of a star in its final death throes. Going supernova, and in its wake, leaving the strangest phenomenon in the cosmos, a black hole.

Nothing survives encounters with black holes, the black hole always wins. When something falls into a black hole, it’s essentially gone from our universe. They rip everything apart and eat them, and then they burp and are ready for the next course. There is now evidence that there is something more ominous, a new kind of black hole of unfathomable size and power. Today, scientists are finding that black holes are bigger, stronger and more destructive than they ever imagined.

Go on a mind-bending investigation as this film takes us to the most bizarre corners of cosmological science: black hole research. Watch as the elusive secrets of supermassive black holes are revealed through computerized imagery and simulation.

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