Wheelchair rugby is fast, aggressive, and the Paralympic Games most brutal sport

Henry Alex Rubin

Murderball sets out to shatter what you think about athletes with a disability; it succeeds impeccably by painting a picture that the film’s characters are just a bunch of everyday guys when really they’re testosterone-fuelled jocks proud of their aggressive playing style.

The sport they play is called wheelchair rugby, which they initially referred to as Murderball before the game grew in popularity and attracted corporate sponsorship before entering the Paralympic Games.

It’s a brutal full-contact sport where each player has a modified wheelchair, and when these guys go at it and knock each other around, the crowd roars with excitement. It has all the elements you can expect from any other male-driven sport – coaches losing their cool and screaming at the players, displays of bravado and edge of your seat championship games.

Despite the high levels of adrenaline, Murderball is a movie about more than just the game of quad rugby; it’s the inspirational stories of individuals who have come to accept their situation and recover a damaged self-image.

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