My Architect: A Son’s Journey


This documentary tells the story of love and art, betrayal, and forgiveness, a tale of an illegitimate son who sets out on a worldwide exploration to understand his long-dead father, legendary architect Louis I. Kahn.

Louis Kahn, who died in 1974, is considered by many architectural historians to have been the most important architect of the second half of the 20th century.

Born into a poor Jewish family, he overcame poverty and the effects of a devastating childhood accident, Kahn created intensely powerful and spiritual buildings, geometric compositions of brick, concrete and light.

While Kahn’s artistic legacy is uncompromising, his personal life was filled with secrets and chaos. When he died, he was bankrupt and unidentified, in the men’s room in Penn station, New York, leaving behind three families. Kahn’s only son sets out on an epic journey to reconcile the life and work of this mysterious, contradictory man.

My Architect: A Son’s Journey leads us from corridors of Penn station to the roiling streets of Bangladesh, and from the coast of New England to the inner sanctums of Jerusalem politics, where the film reveals the haunting beauty of his monumental creations.

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