My Car is My Lover


Many years ago in an ordinary house, in an ordinary British town, a most extraordinary love affair was being conducted. A young man, we’ll call him George, had become obsessed with another family member, but not your ordinary family member. From a strict religious background, George was filled with shame and guilt. His passionate encounters took place in the dead of night. The location, his dads garage, for George’s lover was the family car. An Austin metro.

George can lay claim to being he world’s first metrosexual. So worried about his strange fetish, George attended therapy, and a paper was published on what appeared to be a unique phenomenon. So what could make a man want to sleep with a car? Was George just a one off? Or are there others out there with this most peculiar of sexual peculiarities.

It’s not that hard to find people who believe that cars are sexy. We have a knack of associating our cars with human characteristics, gender and sometimes even names. Many truly are beautiful, but for all the car lovers out there, finding George, the metro lover, proved to be near impossible. After contacting hundreds of therapists, filmmakers turned to the internet. What they found was a small community of men who describe themselves as mechaphiles. My Car is My Lover is the story of Edward and Jordan, two mechaphiles who give us an insight into this strange world of passion and love.

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