My Child Can’t Stop Eating

These kids will literally do anything to keep eating


Most kids love to eat, but for some, it’s almost impossible to satisfy their appetite, and they always want more, and the urge to feed that hunger can be a nightmare for the parents.

Weight can be rapid and lead to obesity, disease and an early death. But for these kids, it’s like an obsession that takes over them, and they lose complete control over their weight. Left to their own accord, they would literally eat themselves to death.

My Child Can’t Stop Eating follows the heartbreaking stories of children born a genetic condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome. A disease that is caused by the depletion or damage to chromosome 15. Incurable, the effects are physical, mental and emotional.

We meet Rebecca Medley, an 11-year-old who already weighs over 150 pounds. Her brain never gets the signals that she is full, so she is always hungry and wanting to eat. The condition leads to her obsession with food and a craving that never ends. She will eat almost anything, steal from other’s plates, eat from the garbage bin, and even ate the cat’s excrement one time.

It’s estimated that 2,000 people in Britain alone have Prader-Willi Syndrome. There is no cure insight, but parents featured in this documentary do their best to control their children’s eating disorder.

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