My Daughter the Teenage Nudist

Amanda Blue

In Britain, more and more young people are embracing public nudity than ever before, much to their parent’s dismay. This film follows the Facebook generation over a summer, getting online and getting involved in mass public events.

These young adults would never dream of joining a nudist club, as they believe it would just full of weird sports like volleyball, but these clubs are desperate for new young members, and they’re relying on one man to recruit under the 30s to their movement.

Meet Mollie, a young 18-year-old who has just finished high school and is savoring her last summer at home before attending university. She says that she cannot explain the amazing feeling she gets from being naked. For Mollie, it all started when she googled naked bike rider. Intrigued by protesting clothes free, she liked the idea of being all as one.

We also meet Alex, together with Mollie; they plan to take their clothes-free lifestyles beyond the old-fashioned clubs.

So why is this pastime increasing in popularity and what do the parents think about their child revealing all in the most public of places?

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  1. Naturism is fantastic in the right setting and with friends who don’t pass rude comments. I was young when I first encountered naturism and even joined clubs and visited the Island of Corsica where I spent 3 glorious weeks in the buff. To me it was simply the ideal way to spend ones life but society as a whole appears to shun its whole concept. Today as one of the older generation, married had kids my wife has never turned to naturism and likewise I couldn’t maintain my interest with such opposition in my immediate life although I would embrace it given an opportunity.

  2. Thing is, naturalism is for men isn’t it at the end of the day and this film just proves that.
    Look on any nudist beach and it will be packed to the rafters with mainly overweight old men sometimes accompanied by their wives.
    It’s this reputation that just kills off any appeal, not saying it’s wrong, if that’s what they want to do then fine, but they will never get younger women into this because they will always be worried about being glared at.

    1. You really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! Please research the subject matter before adding your nonsensical comments:-

      (in art and literature) a style and theory of representation based on the accurate depiction of detail.
      “his attack on naturalism in TV drama”
      the philosophical belief that everything arises from natural properties and causes, and supernatural or spiritual explanations are excluded or discounted.
      “this romanticized attitude to the world did conflict with his avowed naturalism”

    2. I have met plenty of young female nudists, many of them attractive. What you’re saying is inaccurate.

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