My Fake Baby

Delve into the extraordinary world of women devoting themselves to lifelike dolls


My Fake Baby delves into the lives of women who spend large amounts of money on life-like baby dolls.

Known as a reborn baby doll, they’re are meticulously designed to resemble a human infant and can be created with beating hearts, human hair, simulated chest breathing, tiny veins, baby fat and even an umbilical cord.

Loved and nurtured by their mother’s like they are alive and kicking, they’re taken on walks, cuddled, and even have their nappies changed.

In this documentary, we meet doll reborner Jamie, a mother of four who spends her time as a doll artist to help fulfil women’s dreams of being a mother by producing┬átheir newborn to their requirements in her front room.

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  1. As strange as this idea is, can’t ignore the fact that the people who are into this are very pleased and get some sort of comfort from it. Very well made doc, definitely strange, but well made.

  2. I find this show disturbing. Y can’t u adopt. Put a doll in microwave yes good start my god wat is happening in this world.. This should not been showing on television. If only reality having kids was as simple. With ur dolls. No crying no smiling. No dirty nappies no teething. No eating. That’s parent hood yes. Cmon this is growing adults.. These people need help. There are children who need a home. Disgusting. No need for this.

  3. Reborn baby dolls are a hobby and can also be used for therapy, some owners have had miscarriages, or can’t conceive naturally, others have them because they feel comforted and calmed by them. Please DO NOT JUDGE others without knowing their reasons for having these dolls.

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