NCR: Not Criminally Responsible

John Kastner

Police received an emergency call with reports of a woman who was brutally injured after being stabbed out the front of a shopping mall.

The victim was a 22-year old woman who was unknown to her attacker. When the parents of the young lady arrived at the hospital, all they saw was their daughter covered in a white sheet that was covered in blood. It was a terrifying moment for the parents who had no idea whether she was going to live or die.

Well-known to local police, Sean Clifton was a troubled young who was often found by local authorities acting delusional but had never been violent.

When police got to the shopping mall where the attack occurred, they were surprised to see the troubled man was still at the scene. When police approached the man, they noticed he was in some kind of trance.

After appearing at a court hearing, Clifton was charged with being not criminally responsible and was sent to forensic psychiatry facility called the Brockville Mental Health Centre, a place where all patients have been involved in violent crimes.

NCR: Not Criminally Responsible is a feature-length documentary about violent crimes, mental illness, and the story of a troubled man who stabbed a complete stranger six times in a public place while being gripped by psychosis.

Twelve years on, his victim, who survived the attack, is petrified that he could be let out, living in her local community under supervision.

Her attacker is applying for complete discharge, and if successful, he will no longer be required to take the anti-psychotic drugs that control his mental health.

The film gives viewers unprecedented access the patient, victim and the mental institution, to air both sides of the debate and puts a human face on the complex ethical issues raised.

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