Night and Fog

Alain Resnais

Made a decade after the liberation of Nazi death camps, Night And Fog combines the footage of the abandoned grounds of Auschwitz and Majdanek while detailing the lives of people held in the camps.

Switching between past and present footage, the film highlights the remains of Auschwitz while the narrator talks about the rise of Nazi ideology.

In vivid detail, the documentary addresses sadism inflicted upon prisoners, the torture, the medical experiments, executions, and prostitution.

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  1. I was a film student at Ball State University in the 70s. Night and Fog was part of the curriculum on film history. Our prof warned us that what we would watch was disturbing. The stuff of nightmares.

    He wasn’t kidding.

    40 years on, I remember the film as if it were yesterday. The image that stuck with me – and I don’t have to close my eyes to recall it, was the chamber filled nearly to the ceiling with human hair.

  2. I also watched this in college in the 70’s at WMU. I will not and cannot ever forget the attrocities shown in it! This should be a warning to all of us fat cats who are constantly working to have a better life for ourselves and our families that we should be ever vigilant to world affairs. And let us all never forget this horrific world tragedy!!

  3. There’s no narration. But I think that it’s not necessary. The music and the images are the message.

  4. We had to watch it in our public high school in Miami in the 1970s. There was no preparation for what we were about to see. It had a profound impact on me, especially since our neighbor escaped from Germany as a child. It was mandatory to watch.

  5. I am currently a student at BCTC in Kentucky. This documentary was one of the films that was required for my Humanities 160 class-Film and Literature of the Holocaust. Incredibly sad documentary

  6. Horrifyingly sad how a little power and arrogance can make humans stoop to such levels of inhumane deeds.

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