Noah: Life on the Internet


Noah a short film tells the story of a teen’s breakup with his girlfriend online. The documentary illustrates the short attention span and lack of connection that young teens are facing in today’s digital world.

Played out entirely on the teenagers’ computer and iPhone screen, Noah’s relationship takes a sudden turn for the worse in this captivating study of behavior in the world of facebook and the internet. Perhaps these words are unfurling inside one of the many browse tabs you have open on your computer.

You could have one open for work, a tab for chatting, and another for twitter. And maybe some are open for no reason at all. This is the way we get information today, and the way everyone chooses to communicate now: constantly, simultaneously, compulsively, endlessly, and more and more often, solitarily.

This strange new way of living and its long lasting effect on our humanity is captured in this short documentary film.

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