Off the Chain


America is in a war that most citizens don’t even know exists. They’re in a war with what was once one of America’s favorite pets. But how did they go from Pete in the Little Rascals to public enemy number one? Off the Chain goes inside the world of dog fighting to see how the this once loved breed has now become one of the most damaged breeds in America.

Originally the pit-bull was used for bull baiting, one or two dogs would be released on a bull and tortured it until it finally died. This was one of the highest forms of entertainment during their era, to see a dog kill a bull. Since 1835, it has been illegal since it was too difficult to conduct covert matches and that’s about the time they started pitting dog against dog.

Dog fighting favoured the smaller dog, so the strong bull dogs were crossed with an athletic type terrier to become the bull terrier. Since they were less known for their bull bating skills and more known for their fighting skills in the pits, then they became the Pit Bull Terrier.

Who really is the monster, the dog or the person on the other end of the leash?

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