OJ Simpson the Untold Story

Malcolm Brinkworth

If it wasn’t OJ Simpson, who murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman then who did? It may have been years since his trial, but the OJ story hasn’t lost its tale of violence, race, sex and Hollywood glitz.

On October 3, 1995, the world watched in shock as Simpson was found not guilty of murder on both counts. But yet the interest in the case remains high to this day. Why asks the BBC’s former Washington correspondent Bridget Kendall, are we still obsessed?

The interest was so high that if you asked most people in the US where they were when the verdict was read out in Simpson’s trial, they’d probably be able to tell you. It was one of those defining moments.

And when the jury announced OJ not guilty, the public’s reaction was response was as epic as the mind-boggling verdict, dividing American’s down the middle.

It may have been over 20 years since the what has been described as the most publicized criminal trial in history, but still, many questions remain unanswered in this weird and ghastly double murder.

This documentary reveals some startling new evidence after an in-depth investigation into the trial of OJ Simpson.

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