One Minute to Nine

Tommy Davis

One Minute to Nine documents one woman’s eighteen-year cycle of fear and despair in this tale of marital bliss gone tragically awry.

Wendy Maldonado was your average, small-town girl. Married at 16 years-old, the young bride looked forward to a life of marital bliss alongside her new husband in Grant Pass, Oregon. But her dreams of happiness quickly became a waking nightmare when her once loving husband turned into a violent and unpredictable tyrant. For eighteen long years, Wendy endured unimaginable domestic abuse while attempting to protect her children.

Then, one day, after finally being pushed beyond her breaking point, Wendy Maldonado dealt with her husband in the only way she knew could be actually useful.

Wendy Maldonado was arrested and charged with the murder of her husband, Aaron. A few days later her eldest son, Randall, was arrested for his part in the killing. In 2006, a plea bargain led Wendy and Randy to plead guilty to the reduced charges of manslaughter. Wendy was sentenced to 120 months imprisonment and Randy to 75 months in prison.

The documentary follows Wendy in her final days before beginning her sentence and includes extensive home video footage of the family over the years of the Maldonado’s marriage, and candid interviews with friends, family members, and neighbors, some of whom witnessed the domestic abuse.

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