Overcoming Obstacles in Treating Your Diabetes


This documentary film by the Discovery Channel follows several diabetes patients through their experiences related to their diabetes treatment, education and management.

One of the subjects in the documentary is Sheri Danner-Murphy, a 43-year-old mother of two from Woodbridge, VA, who spent time in Sentara Potomac Hospital Intensive Care Unit due to complications from diabetes. While Danner-Murphy was in the hospital, she was encouraged to follow-up her care by enrolling in the Sentara Potomac Hospital Diabetes Management Program, so she could receive the proper diabetes education. Sheri has since enrolled in the Diabetes Management Program and is excited about finally taking control of her disease.

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  1. The main message of this documentary, “Overcoming Obstacles in Treating Your Diabetes”, is “take insulin”. It seems that the only problem these people were having is not adhering to treatment, i.e., taking the insulin.

    The other 50 minutes are focused on the reasons why people don’t take insulin:

    1. Stigma associated with diabetes
    2. Denial of haivng diabetes
    3. Complicated regimen
    4. Lack of faith in treatment
    5. Poor communication with doctors
    6. Motivation
    7. Weight gain associated with insulin intake

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