Paris Is Burning

Jennie Livingston

Paris Is Burning takes us inside the world New York’s drag queen scene during the 1980s highlighting the ball culture, the stylized vogue dancing and the stories of people whose dreams gave warmth to the era.

Contestants, adhering to a particular category or theme, must walk down a runway and subsequently be judged on criteria including the realness of their drag, the beauty of their clothing and imitating the fashion poses on the covers of the Vogue magazine.

Director Jennie Livingston, who never attended film school, spent seven years making the movie and focuses on interviews with the major figures from the ball culture, many of whom contribute monologues that give insight into the culture as well as their personalities.

Paris Is Burning is an enthusiastic view of a world of unique fashion, where the balls become a social point for an underground society of outcasts who feel rejected by a society that looks at them with total contempt.

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