The Pipe

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Risteard O'Domhnaill

This is the story of how the citizens of Rossport, Ireland, battled oil giant Shell over their plans to put a dangerous raw pipeline through their community.

When natural gas was discovered off this remote coastal village, the citizens looked to their state for protection, only to find that Shell’s right to lay a pipeline has been put ahead of their health, safety, and environment. Five locals spent 94 days in jail rather than let the proposed Shell pipeline cross their lands.

This once tranquil area is engulfed in turmoil, as huge numbers of police drafted in. Regular policing has broken down following baton charges, surveillance, arrests, and a hunger strike by a local schoolteacher.

With the imminent arrival of the world’s largest pipe-laying vessel, the Solitaire, a massive security operation is put into action by the State to ensure that the pipe is laid without interference. When all hope seems lost, events take a dramatic turn…

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