Planet Ocean

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

In this beautifully filmed documentary, we go on an adventure deep into one our planet’s greatest mysteries – the oceans.

Using images to guide us through the origins of the sea, its depths, its mysteries and finally serving as a reminder of the bond between humans and nature, emphasizing the duty that everyone of us has to respect and protect the oceans around us.

Our story begins over 4 billion years ago in a colony of fossils that bacteria, who live on the surface of the ocean called stromatolites.

We are all descendants of this form of life, the most ancient known on earth, we all come from here, from the sea. And now, there are 7 billion of us, we have shaped the world in our image, on the shores of the oceans we have built large cities where we live in our millions.

We have dug out ports, flattened islands to construct our factories. It’s these very oceans that have given us all the mineral riches of the world. We have yielded our oceans and planets materials, cutting and slicing, crisscrossing over 100,000 ships across the seas, all that lives, all that grows on earth will one day pass through our iron grasp.

It is these very oceans that over 500 million us rely on each year as a food source. We cast our 25-mile long fishing nets and dredge the seas for a catch by the ton – estimated at 90 million ton per year.

Data from a 2006 study by Science predicted that if our current catch rate continues, our planet’s fisheries will have collapsed by the year 2048. Since 1989, we have already seen a rapid decline for the most sought-after fish species such as Chilean sea bass, and bluefin tuna.

A scientific report released in 2003 concluded that industrial fishing had already reduced the oceans predatory fish to just 10 percent of their pre-industrial population.

In the brief time, we have been on earth, we have managed to disrupt 4 billions years of world’s natural history. As a species we can no longer see the beauty of life but what it enables us to produce. Every other thing living on earth suffers at the hands of humanity. We leave our footprints everywhere we go.

Can we explain directly, to everyone, the greatest natural mystery of our planet? And lastly, can we help our children believe in a better and more sustainable world tomorrow?

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