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Programming of Life is a documentary film that was created to engage our scientific community in order to encourage forward thinking.

The film looks into scientific theories “scientifically”. It examines the heavy weight theory of origins, the chemical and biological theory of evolution, and asks the extremely difficult questions in order to reveal undirected natural process for what it is – a hindrance to true science.

The film is a good deceiving religion documentary that avoids to mention religion, god and the bible. The authors spice up the film with science talk in order to attack evolution. They did this by not letting the public know their true intention.

Since at this moment science does not have all the answers to DNA, they insinuate that evolution is wrong and the answer should be some place else. They explain their science from their point of view and do not share the arguments for evolution.

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  1. Instead of wasting your time by watching this, I would suggest hitting yourself in the head repeatedly with a crowbar. This “documentary” begins with a few assumptions. In the end, it shows that if you make those assumptions, then those assumptions are true. Fascinating tautology!

    ‘Did god write the bible?’
    …Yes, Little Johny.
    ‘How do we know?’
    ….because the bible says so, Little Johnny.

  2. Become a ‘critical thinker’, this documentary implores, organization cannot arise without being directed by an intelligence. Be a critical thinker! Think outside the box of science and explain the origin of life via … uhh … you know … god made it. THAT’S ALL THE TIME WE HAVE FOR QUESTIONS GOOD NIGHT!

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