Prophets Of Doom


Today’s world has troubles unique to its time in history, from the global financial crisis to technological meltdowns to full scale, computerized global war. Observing the convergence of such events, contemporary prophets have begun to emerge from obscurity to suggest that these conditions might be signs of the demise of the modern world.

These men are historians as well, using all manner of information and patterns from the past to provide context for where we are going. Their predictions interpret the current state of affairs in our world as evidence that the America we know may come to an end. The men proposing these ideas are not crackpots living on the streets of New York; they are intelligent, learned men who come armed with the evidence to back up their claims.

Nostradamus, regarded as the most well-known prophet in the history, wasn’t alone. Edgar Cayce, America s most famous psychic, predicted the 1929 stock market crash and the coming of World War II. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion, claimed to receive messages directly from God foretelling terrors of a corrupted government and an impending bloody civil war. St. Malachy predicted that the next pope would signal a time of great tribulation and ultimately, the end of the world.

Isaac Newton determined when the horrors depicted in the Book of Revelations would come to pass. Web Bot, a computer program, predicted global catastrophes such as September 11.

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