Diamond Geezers


An astonishing story behind the most daring heist of the Millennium – a cops and robbers tale of breath-taking ambition on both sides. The stakes could not have been higher: for the would-be thieves, the promise of untold riches if they pulled off the job, but for the police, the threat of humiliation for the force and career death for the senior officers in charge if their expensive plan to foil it failed.

In November 2000, a group of men planned the most audacious robbery in British history when they attempted to steal the world’s most perfect diamond. Housed at London’s Millennium Dome in a vault of concrete and glass deemed unbreakable, their plan had to be detailed, precise and perfectly executed. However the group had been under surveillance for over five months and, unknown to them, London’s Metropolitan Police had created a ring of steel around the Dome in preparation for the raid.

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