Rich Kids Go Shopping

Watch young wealthy kids splash their cash on extravagant things

Michael Ogden

They’re young, intelligent and worth a fortune.

Rich Kids Go Shopping follows the lives of young entrepreneurs who share their secrets behind their financial success and their desire to spend lots of money on Lamborghini’s, Louis Vuitton bags and other extravagant things.

At 19-years-old, Dhillan Bhardwaj, who created a fashion empire from his father’s garage, now owns three shops, employs more than twenty people and has already made his first million dollars.

Meet Jamie Pine, 20, and his boyfriend Mike, 19. Together, they have thousands of fans on their Youtube channel and make their money from video revenue, sponsorship deals, and merchandise.

21-year-old university drop Elijah Oyefeso, whose a self-taught stockbroker works one hour a day and earns roughly $100,000US per month.

Watch as these young free-spending shopaholics give their credit cards a good workout, confess what money means to them, and make most of us a little envious.

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