Rihanna 777

Nicholas Abbott

Rihanna 777 takes viewers behind the scenes of Rihanna’s unprecedented globetrotting concert tour that hit seven countries in seven days with seven shows to promote her seventh album.

The documentary reveals the other side of the concert tour and how taxing it is for a cultural icon to travel from country to country and perform on intense schedules. It shows the joy that the tour’s passengers have while opening their swag bags, the energy of Rihanna’s performances, fan and crew testimonials, and even touches upon the infamous “mutiny” aboard the Boeing 777.

In the opening moments of the film, the group is bubbling with energy, and Rihanna struts up and down the aisles, serving overflowing Armand de Brignac Champagne and cognac to the guests.

The energy of the trip wanes as each day goes by, and rightfully so, it’s a gruelling journey since passengers are wrangled from plane to tour bus to concert venues to after-parties. The video shows vignettes of passengers sleeping and also complaining about the lack of sleep. It’s not just the journalists, however. Everyone from the tour’s management team to choreographers and Rihanna herself is exhausted, but they insist the show must go on.

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