Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery


This is a film about drugs, about taking drugs, and about getting off drugs. Nowadays, Russell Brand doesn’t drink nor take drugs. But ten years ago, he couldn’t get enough of them. Cannabis, booze, acid, speed, coke, crack, heroin, you name it and he did it, everyday. But after being told he could be dead in six months, Brand decided to get his act together and get off drugs.

The basis of this documentary came in the wake of the tragic death of his friend Amy Winehouse, who he felt he could have done something more to help, to give her the change he had. The film follows Brand as he has a sympathetic look at alcoholism and addiction, and along the way he meets a whole range of people from whom he draws insights – scientists at the cutting edge of research into the psychology of addiction, those involved in innovative recovery treatments and drug addicts themselves.

Is addiction a disease? Should it be criminalised? And is abstinence-based recovery, which worked for Brand, a possible way forward? In this documentary Brand challenges conventional theory and practice as well as government policy in his own inimitable style, confronting the reality of addiction head on.

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  1. I just finished watching Addicted to Recovery. I have been a drug addict for 24 years. Methadone has saved my life. If I didn’t have methadone to stabilize, I would have never made it into a 12 step program and deal with the core problems. I’ve quit drugs and alcohol many times. Have never stayed quit until I made a decision to work through a 12 step program with a sponsor. I started 100mg methadone per day. Every 2 weeks I would drop down 5 mg, until I hit 20mg then it is 5mg every 3 weeks. I have not abused any drugs since I started my 12 step program. If I didn’t have methadone, suicide would have been the solution to my problems. There are many positives to methadone, not everyone stays sober there first attempt Mr Brand. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge without all the information.

    1. Cliff,
      How did you view this documentary? Was it online? I’m having trouble finding it for online viewing or for purchasing.

  2. I cannot seem to find this documentary to be actually available anywhere online anymore. I can’t even find a place to purchase it. Does anyone know where I can get access to it?

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