The Russian Revolution In Colour


The remarkable story of the revolution that changed the world forever. Cold, hungry and disillusioned, the Russian factory workers of Petrograd staged a demonstration about a lack of bread during the winter of 1917.

Incredibly, this protest for bread proved the catalyst for revolution and brought about the subsequent abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, ending years of imperial rule. Following the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II the people of Russia rushed to form self governing Soviet councils and a temporary Provisional Government was created, promising elections.

However, a charismatic revolutionary by the name of Vladimir Lenin was keen to make the revolution his own. With the help of the sailors of Kronstadt, a mighty force at the time, Lenin swept aside the Provisional Government in a second revolution that gave power to his Bolshevik party.

Once he had secured control Lenin closed the democratic assembly and created a police state and that was just the beginning! The Russian Revolution uses dramatised and colourised archive material to tell the astonishing story of one of history s most extraordinary social movements.

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