The Secret World of Shoplifting


Each day in North America, there are over 600,000 shoplifting incidents. Eighty percent of us have stolen something at least once in our lives. One out of ten of us shoplifts on a regular basis. And now, organized crime has discovered that it’s a low risk way to turn a handsome profit. Stealing from stores might be a big part of consumer culture, but it’s a crime that we all pay for each and every time we head to the cash register.

The Secret World of Shoplifting takes a look at the rise in retail crime and how our want for the lowest prices fuels the market for stolen goods. Featuring shoplifters caught on camera, the latest technology to fight retail crime and interviews from both sides of the law, this film investigates why some of choose to steal, who are the ones shoplifting regularly, how the police are fighting it, and how this low risk crime is affecting us all.

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