Secrets of the Playing Card


A deck of playing cards, you can cut them, shuffle them and deal them out. Millions use them to play games with them, create magical illusions or use them to see into the future.

But why are there hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs? Are there hidden truths behind picture cards, and what is the meaning of the symbolism of the Tarot? Are they just an innocent past time or a device of the devil? From the Templar Knights to the priestess of voodoo, the history of the playing card is a tale of mystery, mysticism and the dark arts. What lies hidden in their numbers and symbols, and who holds the secrets of the card.

The future may be written in the cards, but their past is not entirely clear. The origins of the card are the subject of fierce debate, there are many conflicting stories that tie their origins to India, to Persia or to slave soldiers from Egypt. Most of the experts believe that the playing cards were developed in China as early as the 9th century, along with games such as dominoes and mahjong.

Secrets of the Playing Card takes us beneath the surface to unveil the secrets of the cards design and investigates the Masonic links and how their design has changed over time to suit the cultures and beliefs of those who have used them.

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