Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO’s

Gary Null

When the Second Green Revolution was launched, that brought necessary change to agricultural production across the world, corrupt corporations like Monsanto demonstrated that it had the making of being as catastrophic as the first revolution.

As the big agro-chemical network slowly changes into one of our planet’s most influential lobbies, warning people about the hazards of GMOs and how toxic agriculture can impede genetically modified crops domination of our food supply.

The documentary takes on the propaganda and political influence purported by these massive seed corporations to unveil the lies and deceit that is threatening the health of every species on our planet.

As anticipated, GMOs will decrease sustainable agriculture our ability to meet the global food supply. GMOs were founded on baseless science and approved through political tactics that totally disregarded human safety.

Hundreds of studies over the years have shown that genetically modified foods pose serious health hazards to animals and the same results are observed in the rise of human diseases.

But forget the health risks for a moment because there is no evidence that GMOs will be a reliable source of food for our future.

Agriculture is a dirty industry that leaves a large greenhouse gas footprint compared to traditional organic farming methods. The industry relies on the massive amounts of fertilizers and pesticides and vast water resources. The result is soil devastation and lower crop yields.

Featuring voices and warnings from some of the world’s leading experts, Seeds of Death reassessment of an industry that is based on GMOs that will continue to cause health issues for our planet’s population.

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