The Seven Year Old Surgeon


Akrit Pran Jaswal was a child prodigy as a surgeon, performing his first surgery at the young age of seven. According to his mother Raksha, Akrit was an early starter. He started speaking in his 10th month and was reading Shakespeare at the age of 5.

By seven, Akrit had developed a passion for science and anatomy. The doctors at his local hospital were so impressed that they allowed him to observe surgeries. Inspired by what he saw, Akrit started reading medical textbooks.

In 2000, India’s seven year old medical genius successfully performed his first surgery on a young girl near the foothills of Himalayas. The girls family could not afford to pay for regular healthcare, so the family approached Akrit to help their daughter. Even though he was not a doctor, he separated the girls fingers in an hour long operation and gave relief to the girl who had been suffering for 5 years.

At 12 years old, and considered the smartest person for his age in India, he was the youngest person to get admitted in a medical university in India (Punjab University).

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