Sexy Girls Have It Easy


Sexy Girls Have It Easy follows one woman’s social experiment: is an attractively made-up woman more likely to get free things than a plain-looking woman?

Caroline has long been suspicious that men are suckers for a beautiful lady. So she did a social science experiment to find out if this is true.

First, while look average, she asked for bus and taxi rides, a piece of cake and drink – for free. She got knocked back on every request but one.

After putting a revealing dress,  make-up, and high heels, she got everything she wanted for free.

So after she made herself more appealing and asked then asked men for gifts, she got what she wanted.

It coincides with evolutionary theory, where men are more likely than women to present gifts to potential mates as signals of their social power, overall possession of (or access to) resources and their suitability as a mate. It seems that the more attractively-dressed a woman is, the more she becomes a desirable mate.

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  1. Not very scientific. Only few attempts at each element. Also, the way she asked and persist are different. The plain girl just ask “for free” for the item. But yes, pretty girl get away with it easier.

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