Six Degrees Could Change the World

Ron Bowman

This documentary takes us on a journey into earth’s future to explore the possible impacts that of global warming, counting up to six degrees over the next hundred years.

Filmed on five continents, it tracks the world’s top climate researchers and follows ranchers, photographers and everyday people to uncover the hidden signs and climate trends.

From Greenland’s ice sheet to tropical ocean coral reefs, from Himalayan glaciers to the Amazon rainforest, witness the chilling firsthand accounts of climate change already underway. As global warming reaches into the lives of ordinary people, scientists race against the clock to determine if the climate models are right and if they are, how bad things could get for us.

As the mercury rises, what could the next century of climate change really look and feel like?

Using graphics, stunning high definition imagery and the film features spectacular locations, giving viewers a preview into a potentially catastrophic future.

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